Crystal slimming

Defective unit?

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Answer: Yes, I had that problem too. Does not take a technician to install the battery and put the cover back, then turn it on. That simple.

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If it does not do this, then it has a problem. The first one that I received was defective.

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I notified the seller and they sent a replacement right away. Make sure to get a return label and send the defective one back to them.

Electric Massager Belt Wrap Slimming Fat Burn Weight Loss Body Shaper Machine

Question: how do you clean it? Answer: Don't use a Clorox wipe.

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Directions say not to use alcohol or alcohol wipes. Question: Does it help to use with migraine type headaches?

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Answer: So much! I've suffered from sinus headaches for decades. These rollers are miracle workers!

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I've shared it with my co-workers who suffer from migraines. Question: Can I get a replacement facial roller head? Answer: No. I have not found replacement heads.

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You would have to buy a new roller. Question: Does this make skin smoother?

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Answer: Yes it does. It works great. Question: bought one which had a defective switch, got a replacement, and this switch failed after crystal slimming uses. Is it worth trying for another?

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Answer: Great question! Just to top roller piece. Thank you Question: What's the crystal slimming frequency or per minute?

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Answer: Have no clue. It works great,and that is what's important.

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Question: Didn't I order this item before Christmas? I have not received it. Answer: contact the seller.